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At Bako Mechanical, we have been the #1 Mobile Mechanic Austin Auto repair, since the last 14 years.

Since the day we started working as one of the first mobile mechanic services in Austin, Texas, we saw two things as decisive for success. The first was to offer an affordable service and get motorists cars back on the road as quickly as possible; the second was to provide the best customer service.

A mobile mechanic assists in these two areas. Our customers are always number one above everything else. From the very first day when Bako Mechanical was founded over 14 years ago, we dedicated ourselves to the very same mission, although now it is on a larger scale. 

We must have provided something drivers were looking for because we advertised for a mobile mechanic, and quickly after we had to rerun the advert. Any mobile mechanic working for Bako Mechanical, is educated on all makes and models of vehicles.

No matter if you have a small family vehicle or if you choose the more significant pickups and 4x4s. Our group of mechanics, all of them are very competent. Each one of them sees to it that the drivers stay safe, and are never held up longer than necessary.

Each mobile mechanic undergoes an extensive background check for us to be confident that he or she is dependable and can provide a safe and reliable service to our customers.

We find each mobile mechanic to have the best qualifications. Consequently, they are the most gracious and considerate, as well as the most professional. A mobile mechanic operates under a lot of pressure throughout the day, and since we run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can never predict when the motorists may call.

You can be on the side of the road, working or at home, regardless of where you are parking your automobile. You will surely be pleased to find our mechanics arrive promptly.

Mobile Mechanic Austin Services

Quality Mobile Mechanic service when you need us the most. . Honest service. Great value. Proudly made in Austin.

We have been extending our customer support services past the roadside breakdowns, even though these are more often calls from stranded motorists. Many returning customers keep coming back for servicing, maintenance, and vehicle inspections, amongst many other vehicle services from a mobile mechanic.

As the leading mobile breakdown company operating in Austin Tesas, we take great pride in having the best and most experienced specialists, thanks to every mobile mechanic that we employ. 

Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering the most satisfactory customer service, affordable prices, and the satisfaction of the more than 8132 customers we have assisted over the last 14 years.

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Austin Mechanical Services

Maintenance Tune-Ups

Each driver assumes responsibility for his/her vehicle, including its ongoing maintenance. Now, why struggle to fit it in if you can schedule a mobile mechanic from us.

For your car to be in top condition and running smoothly, the priority is a regular tune-up. 

Proper preventive maintenance will avoid costly repairs and will help you to prevent future failures. If you commit to regular tune-ups as well as routine maintenance, then your car can keep going for many years to come.

You can ask a mobile mechanic to care for the following items to keep your car running efficiently. With a mobile mechanic from us, it means your service times are at your discretion.

  • Battery: If your battery is dead, the mobile mechanic can troubleshoot the fault or exchange your battery.
  • Engine Fluid Levels: A mobile mechanic can go around your vehicle and top up all the fluid levels to maintain smooth operation.
  • Ignition systems: Ignition systems are the biggest challenge. It may require the intervention of a mobile mechanic sent by us to perform diagnostics on the engine.
  • Air and oil filters: Clean filters help keep engines clean. The mobile mechanic will change them and change your oil.

General Vehicle Repairs

Here you can find some a handful of regular maintenance repairs and mobile mechanic services we undertake.

Car Diagnostics

It’s not an easy task to determine what is wrong with a new model of vehicle, or where to begin the repair. Our mobile mechanics in (location) are equipped with vehicles equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, which can tap into the vehicles on-board computers to find the issues quickly.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

There is no better person to call than a mobile mechanic to inspect a potential new vehicle. If you are not getting the best advice, then it is advisable not to carry on with the purchase. A mobile mechanic from Bako Mechanical will treat each pre-purchase inspection as if they were spending their own money. You can find they know all the areas and things to check in case you buy a lemon.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Recharge

Air conditioning systems in your vehicle can be indispensable. In case of failure, you will require a (Location), (Region), mobile mechanic.

Our mobile mechanic will take the time to inspect the entire unit where he can fix defective pumps and switches, air leaks, and carry out a charge test before filling your A/C unit with Freon.

Brake Replacement

Your car’s brakes are in constant use and undergo endless wear, but are essential to maintaining control of your vehicle. If you happen to hear a noise or warning light when you brake, this is a good time for you to notify us, and we can schedule a mobile mechanic to assist you.

He will change your brake pads and then test them. A trained local mobile mechanic can handle the complete replacement of the brake pads and brake shoes if it is an older vehicle.

He will take care of everything, and ensure that you get the proper service, and your car is safe before giving you the keys. 

Radiator Repair

Breakdowns in cooling systems correspond to the most substantial reason for highway breakdowns. Pipes can split, or you may have debris hit the radiator. Throughout a mobile mechanic inspection, leakage can be seen easily as it pours on the floor, or it runs from a concealed area that is impossible to see.

Starter Replacement

Vehicles that won’t start can be a nightmare. If it isn’t the battery, then it will be your starter motor, and even if you get it running, it will stop again. Once our mobile mechanic gives your starter the once over, he can change the starter in minutes if required.

Other Mechanical Services in Austin

A Austin mobile mechanic can tell you how vulnerable vehicles are. The repairs we show here are just a few examples of everyday things that go wrong. However, once your mobile mechanic begins going through your car during an inspection, they may come across more significant issues.

The transmission of each car, for example, is essential for the performance of a vehicle. This determines the smooth and efficient running of the car.

However, a mobile mechanic can even deal with large issues such as this. Even at your home, he can deal with issues such as this, if he were located inside a conventional garage.

Besides, all our mobile mechanics we have are as happy working on manual or automatic transmissions since they are fields where they are highly proficient.

Automotive belts, in general, can be complicated. Fuel and water pumps can pose a minor issue, but they will pale in comparison to the timing belt.

Therefore, should you discover any tearing of your timing belt, we advise you to stop and not move any further. You will most likely damage your motor to the degree it cannot be repaired.

Regardless of the needs, you have with your vehicle, from maintenance to breakdown or repairs. All the staff and teams of mobile mechanics at Bako Mechanical undertake a commitment to be at your service, anywhere you are and anytime you require us.

If it weren’t for you, there would be no company and Bako Mechanical, would not be able to put together a team of 15 mobile mechanic superstars who have collectively serviced and repaired 17,301 vehicles, even supporting our Texan Gov.

We are always appreciative of each of the 8,132 satisfied clients; who choose to place their trust in us and every one of our mobile mechanic teams in Pershing, Iglehart, Rollingwood, Montopolis, Vinson, West Lake Hills, Sunset Valley, Abercrombie, Smoot, Williamson